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Bio Spray & Bio Spray Plus 

Help to stimulate the pituitary gland located at the lower part of the brain to secrete the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) naturally into our cell and body. Combination of amino acids that comes from Recombinant of Amino Acid which are using biotechnology procedure and IGF-1 which is extracted from the colostrums. These quality products which have been researched and developed specifically with efficacy and safety in mind.  All natural products have been endorsed from health care professionals and recognized health authorities by throughout the Asia-Pacific region, under the standard of GMP and also approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA). This is indeed a great testament to the effectiveness and 100% safety.

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Package A

3 Bio Spray Get Free

1 Bio Spray 

1 Grape Seed

Member Fee 500.-

THB 15,000.-

Package B

7 Bio Spray Get Free

  2 Bio Spray 

  2 Grape Seed

  Member Fee 500.-

THB 32,200.-

Package C

3 Bio Spray Get Free

  1 Nano Belle



THB 13,900.-


Package F

2 Nano Belle Free

  1 Nano Belle

THB 8,000.-

Package D

3 Bio Spray Free

  Member Fee 500.-

THB 12,900.-

Package E

2 Bio Spray Free

  1 Nano Belle 

THB 9,900.-


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